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Who's In The Co-op?
Danny Maland
Experience Level: Senior (4/4)
  • Production Manager
  • Creative Director
  • FOH Engineer
  • Monitor Engineer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Lighting Operator
  • System Tech
  • Stagehand
  • Equipment Provider
  • Occasional Comic Relief
Patrick Chase
Experience Level: Assistant (2/4)
  • Digital Connectivity Specialist
  • System Tech
  • Stagehand
  • Sanity Checker (when Danny "has an idea")
What Equipment Is Available?
Small-Concert System (Danny Maland)
  • Mics and DI Boxes
    • 5X EV ND767a Mics
    • 3X AKG D5 Mics
    • CAD KBM412 Kick/ LF Instrument Mic
    • 4X CAD TSM411 Drum/ Instrument Mics
    • 2X CAD ICM417 Condenser Mics
    • KAM BD2 Kick/ LF Instrument Mic
    • 4X KAM ST2 Drum/ Instrument Mics
    • 2X KAM I2 Condenser Mics
    • 7X Nady DM70 Drum/ Instrument Mics
    • 2X Nady DM80 Kick/ LF Instrument Mics
    • 2X Samson C01 Condenser Mics
    • Various Other Multipurpose Mics

    • Dean Markley ProMag Soundhole Pickup
    • Dean Markley Artist Transducer Contact Mic
    • 5X Barcus Berry Contact Mics
  • Mic Stands (Various Makes)
    • 18X Standard Tripods With Booms
    • Straight Stand, Round Base
    • 4X Short Stands With Booms
    • 2X Kick-Mic Stands With Booms
  • Mixing Consoles And Associated
    • 2X Behringer X32 Cores
    • Behringer X32 Producer
    • 2X S16 Remote Stage Boxes
    • 2X Control Laptops
    • Remote Control Tablet
  • Loudspeakers And Accessories
    • 4X JBL EON 612 Active Speakers
    • 2X Turbosound Milan 15B Active Subwoofers
    • 7X Peavey PVXP12 Active Speakers
    • 2X Peavey PVXPSub Active Subwoofers
    • 4X Mackie Thump 12a Active Speakers

    • 4X Ultimate Telelock Speaker Stands
  • Lighting And Accessories
    • 10X Various LED PAR Washes

    • 2X Tripod Lighting Trees

    • Lighting Control Computer (Freestyler)
  • Audio And Lighting Add-ons (Available Upon Request)
    • 2X Seismic Audio 16-Channel XLR Splitters

    • 6X LED Wash Moving Heads
    • 2X Additional Tripod Lighting Trees
    • ADJ Haze Generator
What Does It Cost?

Each equipment provider has a 12-hour rate of:

System techs, stagehands, and operators/ engineers have a 12-hour rate of:

Travel time is billed at:
$30/ hour/ person, round-trip

For most events, it is required to bring out at least one system tech or stagehand if an equipment provider would otherwise be working solo. This requirement can be waived under certain circumstances, but we recommend against it. (Having additional personnel onsite helps your event to proceed smoothly and safely.)

We will need to arrive at least 4 hours prior to soundcheck. Adequate prep-time greatly enhances the overall success of your event.

The Co-op is not a business in itself, but a community of production professionals. Your payment will go to your point of contact for the event, who will usually be the Co-op member onsite with the most experience.

How Can We Be Contacted?

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