Image Galleries

These are pictures of audio and live-performance related subjects that you can use for your own projects. (The license that they’re offered under is pretty easy to abide by – have a look.) The organization of this gallery is a work in progress, but I will try to do some sort of tagging on the pictures so that specific things remain easy to find.

Please note that the fullsize images are quite large (up to 15 megapixels). Their resolution has been kept high so that they can have as wide a range of potential uses as possible. I’ve tried to find a workable compromise when it comes to file size and compression artifacts, but even so: Please be patient when pulling down a full-size image. It may take a bit of time.

The “open” license on these images, as well as my ability to even take the pictures, is due to the generosity of people who have supported this site.

The gallery is currently divided into two logical sections: Amps and Instruments, and Production Gear.

Amps and Instruments

Production Gear