This Site’s Content Is Permissively Licensed

Yes, you may use images and text from this site for your own purposes. There are just a few guidelines to follow.

Because of generous contributions from my supporters on Patreon, I have decided to “open the license” for the content on this site. What that means is that you are allowed to use material from this site for your own purposes, both commercial and non-commercial. There are just a few notes and guidelines:

Site Design and Images

  • I will try to make available high-resolution or resolution-independent versions of the “featured images” on individual posts.
  • Unless otherwise noted, you may use this site’s layout, code, and images for commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • Credit to the author (Daniel Maland) is highly appreciated but not explicitly required.
  • Creating and selling (or distributing) a product featuring this site’s design or images is allowed. Encouraged, even! However, please refrain from simply selling or distributing these resources without first using them to make something new.
  • Please don’t claim the un-edited site design or images as your own work. That’s kinda rude.
  • Royalties to the author are not required. It would still be very nice for you to help support this project if it helps you make money, though.

Textual Content On This Site

  • You do not need prior permission from me to republish the text content found on this site.
  • You MUST credit the author (Daniel Maland) if you use the text from this site. Claiming or implying that you wrote the text would be an awfully impolite thing to do.
  • If you use the text in a commercial project that turns a profit, please contribute to my own efforts.