The Basics Of Live-Sound “Nerdery”

I made a book, and now I’m making it free.

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Back in 2012, I compiled some of my writings into the form of an actual book. The first part was all about the quantitative material behind noise-louderization – the math and science of audio, that is – and the second part was commentary on the concrete realities of sound in actual rooms with actual bands.

I put the book up for sale, and it didn’t do well. I hadn’t done much of anything to build an audience, and my marketing efforts were very weak. (My total sales were three copies.) For years, the poor thing has been languishing behind a “paywall,” not accomplishing much for anyone.

Today that changes. My hope is that making the thing free will allow more people to enjoy it.

In a lot of ways, the book is a precursor to this site. Many of the themes and topics should be quite familiar to regular visitors. As a stylistic note, readers may find that I use parenthetical statements in much the same way as J.J. Abrams used lens flares in the first “Star Trek” reboot film.

So, here you go:

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